John heideman & Chris martinson

Keep Traditional Values in

New London's Classrooms

Academic Excellence ♦ Transparency
Trust ♦ Leadership ♦ Fiscally Responsible

Keep Traditional Values in

New London's Classrooms

Academic Excellence ♦ Transparency
Trust ♦ Leadership ♦ Fiscally Responsible

Thank You New London
School District Voters!

Thank you for re-electing us to serve the students, parents, and staff of the New London School District. We look forward to continuing our mission of providing a top-quality education for students in New London Schools while empowering parents in their children’s education. 

Let's Protect Our Children Together

Empowering Parents
in their Children’s Education

Our Children come to New London public schools with incredible potential and endless possibilities. With a lifetime of opportunities ahead of them, the New London School Board must provide a world-class education and nothing less. It is our responsibility to open the doors to these possibilities and prepare each student for their future. 


Empowering Parents in their Children’s Education

Commitment to
Academic Excellence

Strengthening English, math, and science curriculum while reducing screen time.


Develop and implement a strong cyber safety plan to help keep our students safe from cyberbullying and other forms of online malicious behavior.

Vocational Training

Continue to expand choice in Tech Education. Expand partnerships with local businesses and internships.

Keep & Recruit
The Best Teachers

New London supports our teachers. We must recruit, train, and retain our best teachers.

Parental & Teacher

Provide opportunities for parent input into policies and curricula. Parents and guardians are the main customers for our school district.”

Building Trust
With Transparency

Improve relations between our school district, parents, and taxpayers. Allow all stakeholders to be heard.

Thank You!

John Heideman & Chris Martinson
Campaign for School Board

Thank You For Attending Our Open House!

Held at Familiar Grounds Coffee Shop on February 25th!

If you were unable to join us and would like to learn more about the New London School Board Election, our positions or more, please contact us by clicking the Learn More button below. 

Vote Tomorrow
April 4th


John Heideman


Chris Martinson

Keep Fiscally Conservative Policies in Place

New London school district has one of the lowest mill rates for property taxes within a 50 mile radius of New London.  While money is needed to run a school district, and keep our facilities in good shape, we feel we can stay as a lower millage district and do what is needed.

Vote Today!!!
Vote Today!!!


Let your neighbors know they have a candidate who will
advocate for students and parents!

Vote this April 4th

Empowering Parents in their children’s education
Cutting costs and reducing taxes where possible
Proven Fiscal Conservatives
Improving Technical Educational Opportunities
Keeping Traditional Values that America was built on
Students first!

Be The First
To Know