Restoring Trust through Transparency

We will continue to strive to restore trust and transparency between parents and the school board.

Curriculum Transparency

We will continue to strive to focus on Core educational building blocks of English and math. Curriculum free of woke political messages and readily available for all parents and community members to view 365 days a year.

Budget Transparency

Build a financially strong district, operationally efficient, and respecting our taxpayers through transparency. Allow all stakeholders to view full annual budget at any time. Building trust between our community and the district is critical to our shared success.

Policy Transparency

Enact policy maintaining open and honest lines of communication with parents and stakeholders, keeping them informed on decisions that are made in the best interests of our students and community as a whole.

Community Partnerships

Provide practical vocational training for students interested in pursuing careers in a trade, occupation or craft by expanding and exploring partnerships with local businesses. Create a comprehensive internship program to prepare students for their future.

Student Cyber-Safety

Develop and implement a solid cyber-safety plan to keep our students safe, while preventing cyberbullying attacks and unwanted cookie policies feeding search results not appropriate for our students.

Academic Focus

Focus on improving our district’s curriculum, so our students are prepared to take on the challenges of the future. Embracing policy allowing our children to grow stronger and more competitive beyond high school. Every student should have the opportunities to learn critical thinking skills essential at all work environments.

In School Learning

The learning gap created during the Covid crisis has negatively affected our childrens’ academic success and emotional wellbeing. The school district must ensure this never happens again.

Your Vote Counts

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